Authentic Connections

Every interaction.
Every event.
Every one-on-one.
Every recruitment conversation.
Everything about recruitment should lead to one simple and powerful thing...

Authentic Connections

If there is one universally accepted problem with sorority recruitment it is that there isn't nearly enough authenticity in recruitment.

So, how do you create conversations that are "less robot, and more human?"

Most sorority recruitment conversations live on the surface. These conversations  are filled with typical questions about a PNM’s...
residence hall
summer activities

All those answers, we likely, already know.
We've looked at their registration and scoured social media - just to get a first glimpse into who these PNMs are.

And because we know these answers, and the questions are so surface-level, we lack substance, depth, and the opportunity to truly learn more about the PNMs in an authentic and genuine way.

Good recruitment conversations are centered around our organization's (and personal) values, but maybe not directly or obviously. 

We should ask lots of questions and let the PNM do lots of talking. Those questions should be natural and about what the PNM values and what we value.

We can ask "What do you value?" in like a million different ways...
"What was your favorite moment of the summer?"
"Tell me about the best parts of growing up."
"Tell me about why you chose your major?"
"What's your story? Like, your real story?"

Classroom Challenge:

What does your chapter value?
What does your chapter really want to know about a PNM?
What makes a PNM a good "fit" for your chapter?

Here's an example. If we know sisterhood is an important component of our organization we might ask questions in a way to learn whether relationships would also be important to the PNM.  

When we know that we value sisterhood, we then have questions to ask and a conversation topic that is values-based: We can ask about her relationships with friends from high school, college, family, etc.  

Now, we can not only ask if she has brothers and sisters, we can ask what her relationship is like with her siblings. Or we can ask about her most important friendship and what it means to her.Those responses help us better understand if she would make a good member, but also tell the PNM – “This is so important to us, we’re asking about it.”  

The conversation might start with a sister saying, “You know, sisterhood is something we really pride ourselves on as a chapter.  We are committed to our friendships with one-another. Can you tell me about some of your close friends from high school?”  

Sure, that might sound like an interview (we’ll get to that in another blog), but it’s the right way to have a conversation that is centered around communicating our values.

So - work with your chapter.
What do you value?
How do you turn that value into a conversation starter to truly learn, in an authentic way, if a PNM could find a home in your chapter?