Sorority Recruitment Changes Lives

As a recruiter... and a recruitment leader... you need to know your #RECRUITMENTREASON.
Start thinking about WHY YOU RECRUIT.
Is it just a "to-do" item your chapter does once or twice a year?

Is it a boring, awkward, or painful series of events or rounds that your members tolerate so they can get to the "fun stuff"?

What's your reason?
What's your Chapter's reason?

Classroom Challenge:
Every member needs a reason. This reason will continue to inspire them.

Have a conversation - it can be casual at chapter or it can be a recruitment workshop - but talk about the deeper meaning of recruitment.

Every member should save their #RECRUITMENTREASON on their phone, on their computer, or on a notecard in their room.

Use that reason as you prepare.
And then - come up with a Recruitment Reason for your Chapter.

What will recruitment do for you as an organization?
What do you need from recruitment this year?