Values-Based Recruitment: "There for the right reasons"

This document from NPC is a helpful guide for approaching recruitment through a values-based lens. It defines what you should eliminate, what you should implement and why values-based recruitment matters.

Let's dive deeper though.

Think about HOW you recruit and WHO you recruit.

Would an outsider guess that your values are the three values listed on your website or described in your creed? Or would "cooler, hotter, better" be the three words they might guess?

Values-Based Recruitment isn't really just about the process, rules, or big stuff... it's about the little stuff. The choices we, as values-based women, make in the way we interact with potential members.

You can find out whether a chapter does values-based recruitment in those little choices. That's where our values show up (or not).

Classroom Challenge:

Sit down with your recruitment team and have a deep-dive conversation in how your chapter or community values show up in recruitment.

The things you do during recruitment - 
What is the PNM experience?
How do you show up, what do you talk about, how do you recruit?
Are those things about improving the PNM experience?
Are those things about recruiting the right members?

When you educate and train your members - 
When you host recruitment conversation skills training - does what you tell your members to say align with your values?
When you train on selecting the right members, how does that conversation align with your values?
Ask your members - are we choosing the right members based on where we want to move forward?

Does all of this align with where you want to be in a year?
Will these PNMs and these tactics move you forward? Or will they only help you achieve your goals for this year?

Recruitment isn't just about hitting quota - or total - and moving on.

Recruitment is about leaving your legacy so your chapter will thrive

Evaluate your recruitment - from start to finish. 
Where are your values? 
How do they show up?