Introduction to ChapterBuilder - Your Recruitment "Names List" Technology

You are ready for a more sophisticated approach to recruitment.

Learn everything you need at From the free version of the tool to more advanced capabilities... this is the only technology in the world for relationship-based fraternity recruitment.

Here are my (Matt Mattson) 3 favorite things about ChapterBuilder:

1. It makes your life easier and it will make your chapter better.

ChapterBuilder is the only tool on earth that is designed specifically to help sororities and fraternities like yours… chapters of all types, on all campuses, and within all councils to attract, select, and secure the right members for you. 

Whether you do formal or informal recruitment, whether you’re at a big school or a small school, and no matter what council your chapter belongs to… this tool will help your chapter get more of the right members to advance your organization’s cause.

2. It will prepare you and your members for your careers. 

ChapterBuilder is a CRM tool… or a Customer Relationship Management tool. Nearly every industry on earth uses a system like this, and now you’ll be more prepared for a career in a bunch of industries. The skills you’ll build by using ChapterBuilder are valuable for a lifetime.

3. This tool prioritizes relationships and human connection over everything else. 

Too much of fraternity and sorority life has become about points and risk and policies and events and stuff… too much of the way our chapters grow has become about impressing people and flexing and showing off… 

Not enough, not nearly enough of our focus is on the one thing that sorority and fraternity is best at… relationships. ChapterBuilder is a relationship tool. It measures and tracks the relationships between a chapter and prospective members. It puts people and real human connection at the center of a chapter’s growth process.

Welcome to ChapterBuilder!