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Hi! I'm Matt Mattson. I'm the President & Co-Founder of Phired Up and TechniPhi. I'll be your "host" in this Digital Classroom. You'll see a lot of me in the videos, but you'll also be hearing from my co-workers at Phired Up and TechniPhi. We're a company made up of fraternity/sorority growth experts.

Welcome to your digital classroom for IFC fraternity members.  

  • You now have access to 8 Modules of content from Phired Up's educators.  (Plus a bonus module on digital recruitment!)
  • All instructions and resources are provided for each module. 
  • Navigate through the pages using the arrows on the bottom of the page.
  • Table of Contents can be found in the three lines in the top left.
  • The LINKS are important (all but that one). Seriously, they will take you to some of the most detailed and practical resources available for fraternities. Dive in deep.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are proud to offer a "Phired Up Certified Recruiter" program. To complete your certification, you must
finish all modules,
complete all quizzes within the classroom (they're fun), and
complete the entire final assessment. We will email your official certificate of completion when you have done all of these items.

Go at your own pace! Some may wish to dive into this all in one day, some may spend a few days, and others may want to do a couple of modules per week. 100% your choice. We just ask that you take the final assessment at the end. That final assessment is key. The quizzes throughout are just fun little speed bumps, but the final assessment is you making your plans to actually do this stuff.

We are excited to work with you and learn with you. Should you be interested in more things from Phired Up, please visit our main site here, our blogs here, and a ton of robust free resources here

Enjoy, and have phun!
The Team at Phired Up