Hit Re-Start: 5 Secrets To Fraternity Recruitment

Here are five essential tips that every fraternity recruiter should review…

1. Use the technology that is built for fraternity recruitment and that thousands of other chapters across the country are already using. Learn more at www.chapterbuilder.com.

2. Gather the “workhorses” in your chapter together and get to work. Great recruiting chapters understand that it is a group of key members working their a$$es off to build meet high quality men and build real relationships that gets the best results. Read more here.

3. You want the RIGHT men for your chapter. You want brothers, not just buddies. Choose wisely. Did you know that nearly 100,000 men will join a fraternity this year. Let’s make sure we get the right ones. It’s time for every chapter to determin what a “5 Star” recruit really looks like for them. You should know the objective, measurable, data-driven criteria your chapter uses to screen PNMs to ensure only the best get an invite. You’re not looking for “good guys.” You’re looking for men who will help build the future of your chapter.

4. Remember, “You can’t recruit who you don’t know,” and “People join people.” Break recruitment down into easy steps. Meet people. Build relationships with them. Decide if they’re high quality men who deserve the honor of wearing your letters. Close the deal. Systemize and maximize this relationship building process for success.

5. Cut the fat. Whether you’re doing a structured recruitment or you’re recruiting all year long, there are things that get results and things that distract you and your brothers. Prospects don’t need to be impressed, they need to feel cared for. The best potential members don’t care about flair, they want to feel like they belong. Focus on what really matters, and cut the rest of the B.S.

Start fresh. Recruit smart. Recruit modern men for modern organizations.