Phired Up/MyVote Training Classroom

MyVote Training Classroom

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This classroom was built to assist admin users in setting up and using their MyVote account to grow their chapter. For this onboarding and training program, you will complete 8 modules that contain written content, training videos, and resources to assist you and your team!

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Introduction & Account Access

Learn how to get your own MyVote account and how MyVote interacts with the council RFM Technology CampusDirector.

Welcome to MyVote
    MyVote and Your Campus RFM Technology
      Getting Access or Renewing your MyVote Account
        User Levels
          Login Options and the MyVote App

            Chapter Account Set Up

            It’s important to set up your MyVote account to fit the needs of your chapter. Customizing your account settings will allow you to match MyVote to your recruitment process and use terminology that your chapter is familiar with. Be sure to always select the blue save button at the bottom of the screen when making any changes to your settings.

            Settings > Chapter
              Settings > Rounds
                Settings > Categories
                  Settings > Fields
                    Settings > Hometowns
                      Settings > Users
                        Settings > Tags
                          Settings > Bump Groups
                            Recruitment Set-Up Checklist
                            • 1.79 MB

                            PNM List

                            This section will review how to add and manage PNMs in MyVote.

                            Adding PNMs
                              PNM Status
                                Importing Events
                                  Filtering and Sorting

                                      How to Vote

                                      Learn how to vote in MyVote. This section includes a training video you can show to your chapter’s voting members.

                                      Open and Close Voting
                                        PNM Profile
                                          Submitting Votes
                                            Membership Concerns
                                              Anonymous Votes
                                                Voting Member Training

                                                  Results and Exports

                                                  This section will teach you how to view and manage your results as well as how to export important information for your process.

                                                  View and Filter Results
                                                    Reorder and Export Results
                                                      Additional Exports

                                                        Advanced Matching

                                                        Advanced Matching takes information about your PNMs and the specialties of your voting members to recommend matches, saving your team time preparing for your next round of recruitment.

                                                        To add Advanced Matching to your site, contact

                                                        Introduction to Advanced Matching
                                                          Assigning Specialties to Members
                                                            Auto Matching
                                                              Match Results
                                                                Hand Matching

                                                                  Additional Settings & Support

                                                                  MyVote can be customized to meet your chapter's needs! Learn how to customize MyVote for recruitment practice, primary recruitment, and continuous open bidding. You will also learn about how the MyVote team will support you throughout recruitment.

                                                                  Training Mode
                                                                    COB Mode (Continuous Open Bidding)
                                                                      Reporting New Members to your HQ
                                                                        Technical Support
                                                                          All Training Resources

                                                                            Final Test & Completion Survey

                                                                            Complete this final test and completion survey. We will let your HQ know this was completed!

                                                                            MyVote Training Classroom Final Test
                                                                              Completion Survey