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Finding better people requires us to have better conversations with potential members... more values-based conversations.  That doesn't however, require us to ask people, "So, what do you value?" because frankly, that's a little creepy.  Most fraternities and sororities are left wondering, "How do I have more values-based conversations then?" And most commonly, "What is values-based recruitment?"

iValU provides an opportunity for fraternity and sorority communities to actually bring values into the conversation in a normal, natural way, while allowing potential members and chapters to make better decisions about which people or which organization is the right fit.  It's creating a values-based recruitment culture without it being weird or creepy - but being real.

iValU is changing the conversation in fraternity and sorority recruitment.

What's included?

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iValU Implementation Guide
iValU Implementation Guide
iValU Facilitator Guide
iValU Facilitator Training
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Values Bracket Categories.pdf
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iValU Participant Journal
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iValU Participant Journal (Self-Guided)
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weValU 1.0
weValU 1.0 Facilitator Training
weValU Implementation Guide
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weValU 1.0 Facilitator Guide
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Our Reason for Being is simple. We exist to help fraternities and sororities find more people AND to help more people find fraternities and sororities.