Phired Up/IFC Fraternity Recruitment Digital Classroom

IFC Fraternity Recruitment Digital Classroom

    A comprehensive digital classroom to prepare Phired Up Certified Fraternity Recruiters.

    If you have questions about the cost or logging in through your HQ, please email as we've recently updated a few things for 2023/2024. 



    Welcome to this Digital Classroom from Phired Up! Get an overview of the content and learn about our company and why we believe so deeply in fraternities and sororities.

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      Hi, we're Phired Up
        Creating The Future Of Fraternity And Sorority

          Module 1: The Fundamentals

          Fraternity recruitment has some tried and true principles that drive results. These are the fundamentals. These are the foundation. These are the "blocking and tackling," the "pitching and defense," and the "hustle and grind" of fraternity recruitment. These are the fundamentals upon which greatness can be built.
          The Fraternity Recruitment Funnel (and Dynamic Recruitment)
            The Gift We Can Give
              Do You Have A Recruitment Problem Or A Friendship Problem?
                Hit Re-Start: 5 Secrets To Fraternity Recruitment
                  Modern Recruitment is Both On-Line and In-Person
                    Module 1: The Fundamentals: Quiz

                      Module 2: Recruitment Technology

                      Introduction to ChapterBuilder - Your Recruitment "Names List" Technology
                        ChapterBuilder Tutorial
                          Module 2: Recruitment Technology: Quiz

                            Module 3: Marketing Your Chapter

                            Introduction to Growth-Focused Marketing
                              Be About Something
                                What Do Non-Greek Students Think of Us?
                                  The 4 Marketing Insights for Fraternities and Sororities
                                    They Don't Hate Us, They Just Don't Know Us
                                      Your Chapter's Simple Marketing Plan
                                        Module 3: Marketing Your Chapter: Quiz

                                          Module 4: Filling Your Funnel

                                          You Can't Recruit Who You Don't Know
                                            Mind Joggers
                                              Names Drivers: The Most Important Lesson That Most Chapters Never Learn
                                                Tabling That Gets Results
                                                  Module 4: Filling Your Funnel: Quiz

                                                    Module 5: Authentic Connections

                                                    Be More Normal
                                                      Social Excellence is The Art of Recruitment
                                                        "DCBA" and Three Choices
                                                          Which Interaction Is Right For Which Potential New Member?
                                                            Text Me, Bro (or Call Me, Whatever)
                                                              Isn't Fraternity Just 'Buying Your Friends?'
                                                                Module 5: Authentic Connections: Quiz

                                                                  Module 6: Selecting The Right New Members

                                                                  Welcome to Module 6: Membership Selection
                                                                    An Important Introduction to Membership Selection
                                                                      Choosing the RIGHT Members: Values Based Selection
                                                                        Advanced Membership Selection Criteria Training (This is For Varsity Level Recruitment)
                                                                          Selective and Inclusive
                                                                            Module 6: Selecting The Right New Members: Quiz

                                                                              Module 7: Closing The Deal

                                                                              The Pre-Close for 100% Bid Acceptance
                                                                                106 of The Toughest Questions Potential Members Ask
                                                                                  How To Give A Bid
                                                                                    Module 7: Closing The Deal: Quiz

                                                                                      Module 8: Systemizing Recruitment

                                                                                      Engineer A System That Outlasts You
                                                                                        It's The Small Things You Do That Lead to BIG Results
                                                                                          Example of a Successful Recruitment Plan
                                                                                            Gather Your Horses and Get To Work
                                                                                              What Are You Measuring? (That's What You Can Manage)
                                                                                                Module 8: Systemizing Recruitment: Quiz

                                                                                                  Final Assessment

                                                                                                  Please complete this final assessment after you've completed the entire Digital Classroom
                                                                                                  Digital Recruitment Classroom Final Assessment