COB Academy by Phired Up Team

COB Academy

The most detailed classroom on earth for Panhellenic sorority COB-Style (Continous Open Bidding) recruitment. Everything you need to know to do COB with excellence is in this classroom

What's included?

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Welcome to the COB Academy
Start Here!
*STOP* - Sign up for a ChapterBuilder Account.
Lesson 1: Core Dynamic Recruitment Philosophies
Pre-quiz: How Well Do You Know Dynamic Recruitment?
Before We Dive Into the COB System
People Join People, People Leave People
Quantity Drives Quality
You Can't Recruit Who You Don't Know
Focus On The Relationship, Not The Event
Recruiting Today's Students Into Fraternity/Sorority Life
Lesson 1: Core Dynamic Recruitment Philosophies: Quiz
Lesson 2: ChapterBuilder
Introduction to ChapterBuilder
PNM List, Adding PNMs, and Forms
Tasks, Alerts, Activity Feed, and My Action Points
PNM Profile
Onboarding Your Team
*Optional Resource* - Sign Up for a Live ChapterBuilder Demo
Lesson 2: ChapterBuilder: Quiz
Lesson 3: Getting Names ON the List
Introduction to Getting Names ON the List
3.1 The Funnel
3.2 Getting Names on our List
Mind Joggers
3.3 - Names Driving Activities
Tabling with a Purpose
3. 4 - Status D
Lesson 3: Getting Names on Your List: Quiz
Lesson 4: Getting Names UP the List
Introduction to Getting Names UP the List
4.1 Better Conversations. Better Potential Members.
4.2 - Status C
1 on 1 Meetings
Hosting is Continuous
4.3 - Status B
Vulnerability Creates Deeper Connection
Lesson 4: Getting Names UP Your List: Quiz
A Quick Check-in!
Lesson 5: Getting Names OFF the List
Introduction to Getting Names OFF the List
5.1 - Status A
But HOW Do We Vote?
An Example of Values-Based Selection
How to Give A Bid
5.2 - Status A+
Sisterhood and Retention
Lesson 5: Putting the System to Work: Quiz
Lesson 6: Leading Your Chapter's COB effort? - Build Your System Here.
Building Your Growth System
6.1 - Who's on Your Squad?
6.2 - Setting Your KPIs
6.3 - Your System in Action
Divide and Conquer
Assigning Main Contacts
Team Goals
Your Recruitment Timeline
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