Culturally-Based Fraternity/Sorority Growth Digital Classroom by Phired Up Team

Culturally-Based Fraternity/Sorority Growth Digital Classroom

A comprehensive digital classroom to prepare culturally-based fraternity/sorority organization members to grow their chapters.

What's included?

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Start Here!
Hi, we're Phired Up!
Creating The Future Of Fraternity And Sorority
Module 1: We Don't Recruit
We Don't Recruit
What Recruitment Is and Isn't
People Join People
Relationships Mean Everything
Quantity Drives Quality
You were interested once too, remember?!
The Walls We Create To Joining
Module 1 Checkpoint
Module 2: The Funnel
The Funnel
Method to the Funnel (MRIHA)
The Funnel (picture)
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Module 2 Checkpoint
Module 3: More People, More Impact
Meet. More. People.
Quantity Drives Quality (The Remix)
Let's Create a List!
Mind Joggers
Generating Visibility for Culturally-Based Fraternities and Sororities
Better Tabling Tactics
Module 3 Checkpoint
Module 4: Utilizing Technology
Spreadsheets Are Dead
ChapterBuilder 5 Minute Sneak Peek
Module 5: Better Conversations, Better Members
Hosting 101 - "The Host With the Most"
Hosting is Continuous
Better Informationals
Sure, Just Visit The Website
Guide to Conversations with Interests
Better Conversations. Better Potential Members.
Vulnerability Is Leadership
Show People They Matter
Module 5 Checkpoint
Module 6: Telling your Story
All About The Story
Sharing Stories
Good Stories
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Chapter Website Mistakes
What We Have Learned from Non-Greek Students
Module 6 Checkpoint
Module 7: Understanding Your Values
What Do You Stand For?
What Are Your Values?
Values-Based Selection
Discussion Guide
Module 7 Checkpoint
Module 8: Securing The Right Members
Trust Your Gut
Applications Don't Secure Members, People Do.
The Deepest Conversation
The Deepest Conversation Steps
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Module 8 Checkpoint
Final Assessment
Congrats, friend!
Bonus Module: Digital Recruitment
A Virtual Recruitment?!
Three Steps to Going Digital/Virtual
Social Excellence In A Virtual World
Imagine This
Eight Digital Principles