Phired Up/CampusDirector Admin User Classroom

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CampusDirector Admin User Classroom


    Getting Started

    Setting up your User Account
      Help Articles/User Tools
        Adding Additional Users
          Uploading Recruitment Counselor User Accounts
            Controlling User Access

              Participant Registration

              Opening Registration
                Registration Configuration
                  Registration Disclosure Agreement
                    Setting Up Registration Questions
                      Registration Fees
                        Message of the Day (MOTD)
                            Registration Confirmation Email
                              PNM Registered for the Wrong Recruitment
                                Uploading PNM Data
                                  Withdrawing a PNM

                                    Rounds of Recruitment

                                    Round Configuration
                                      Participant Conflicts
                                        Open House Scheduling
                                          Invitation Round Scheduling
                                            Priority Round Scheduling
                                              Entering Priorities on behalf of a PNM
                                                Editing PNM Schedule
                                                  Half Party/Event Schedules

                                                    Bid Matching

                                                    Accept/Decline Bid Matching
                                                      Quota Bid Matching
                                                        Manual Match/Quota Additions
                                                          Adding Snap Bids


                                                            Renewing CampusDirector
                                                              Tech Support During Formal Recruitment

                                                                Additional Features

                                                                For Campuses using the PNM Companion App, iValu/wevalu and the ChapterBuilder 2.0 integration. 
                                                                PNM Companion App Configuration
                                                                  Managing the PNM Access to the PNM Companion App
                                                                    Downloading the PNM Companion App
                                                                      PNM MRABA on the PNM Companion App
                                                                        iValu - Completing the ValuesBracket for PNMS and RC Users